Michaela Moseley Promotional Video for Zoom Yoga Sessions

The Highlight Reel Productions edited this promotional video for this weekly yoga zoom event held by Michaela Moseley. We update the video as new classes are added as the schedules change. The photographs and video in this promotional video are from a yoga event we covered on location for Michaela in Charlotte NC.

Red Dragon Martial Arts Family Fitness Classes

The Highlight Reel Productions filmed several classes at Red Dragon Martial Arts. We used this footage to produce and edit this promotional video for their Family Fitness Class. When editing this video we used a multi image panel design to create a unique look.

Red Dragon Martial Arts After School Program

Red Dragon Martial arts supplied The Highlight Reel Productions with an array of footage and photographs. We used them with design elements, to edit this video to promote the After School Care Program. The video runs on the monitor in the lobby area notifying the patrons that they can sign up and be part of this great program.

Red Dragon Martial Arts Summer Camp Program

The Highlight Reel Productions produced this video to run on the lobby monitor at Red Dragon Martial Arts to promote their summer camp program. Red Dragon supplied us with the photographs and videos. We used different design techniques throughout this video.

Private Lessons

The Highlight Reel productions produced this video for Red Dragon Martial Arts to run in their lobby. The video was used to inform students that they can purchase private lessons. We used supplied artwork and motion graphics to create this video.