Karate Connection

There can be a direct connection between martial arts training and success in other sports and fitness. Martial Arts is a great way for those less fortunate in team sports to excel in something individual and then re-enter sports with a much better physical and mental stability.

COVID-19’s Effect on Martial Arts

COVID-19 has changed so many lives in so many ways and has put business, life and training into perspective. The first thing that needs to be said is that if you are healthy enough to train then you are extremely lucky and should not take that for granted. I fall into that group of people […]

The Evolution of Martial Arts

Over the years, everything goes through some sort of change. Sports evolve and change, ways to treat athletic injuries get better and more advanced and even training methods and techniques change. Some changes are for the better and some can leave old ways in the dust. These changes are always met with a double sided […]

The Connection of Sports and Martial Arts

Martial Arts has always been looked at as a great outlet for focus, balance and strength. Parent’s sign their children up for development¬†in¬†coordination and core strength to help with overall health and other sports. Adults turn to martial arts for self-defense and exercise. Did you know that athletes turn to martial arts as well? Some […]

Humble Confidence

It is a sad fact, but a lot of professional athletes throw humility out the door once they reach a certain level of success. Don’t get me wrong, it is extremely important to be confident and to think that you cannot be beaten when you approach a competition, but respect and sportsmanship should still be […]

Martial Arts for Success

Martial Arts can be a great activity for anyone; children, teenagers, adults, in the spectrum of little to no physical skill all the way to extremely successful athletes looking for a slight edge in competition. That’s what makes martial arts so unique, it’s very personal. High School Sports are all about team work and making […]