Not on the Cutting Room Floor

Hello all. My name is Walker Moseley and welcome to “Not on the Cutting Room Floor”. I call this “not on the cutting room floor” because as a editor your job is to eliminate what is deemed unnecessary to tell the story. So hopefully all the things I will be discussing in my blog will be considered as valuable information helping student athletes and parents alike navigate the process in pursuing playing collegiate sports.

The Decision

In today’s chaotic world of recruiting in college athletics, top student athletes are constantly bombarded with letters, emails, and phone calls from college coaches near and far. When the time comes for student athletes to decide where they might attend college, I often find that many of them become consumed with playing at the highest […]

Checklist for the Upcoming School Year

As the school year is quickly coming upon us there are several things one needs to be thinking about. If you are entering your sophomore year you should register with the NCAA eligibility center. The NCAA has designed the with you, the student-athlete, in mind. This is where you will find the tools and […]