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Checklist for the Upcoming School Year

By August 7, 2016August 10th, 2016Not on the Cutting Room Floor

As the school year is quickly coming upon us there are several things one needs to be thinking about. If you are entering your sophomore year you should register with the NCAA eligibility center. The NCAA has designed the with you, the student-athlete, in mind. This is where you will find the tools and information you need to begin your college experience as a student-athlete. If you are entering your junior year you still need to register and check with your counselor to make sure you will graduate on time with the required number of NCAA-approved courses. And if you are a senior still go register to see if you are in-line with the needed credentials to participate in collegiate sports. My next suggestion would be to start inquiring about getting a highlight reel professionally produced preferably by us at The Highlight Reel Productions. If you are a freshman or sophomore and you begin the process with us we will up date your reel every year as you acquire new footage of your performances. And lastly start thinking about which schools offers the best programs in the fields of study that you are interested in. Make those schools realistic targets that you are capable of attending athletically and academically.