As the 2018 school year quickly approaches and has already begun for some, I pose these important questions to all the student athletes. Ask yourself,”What are my goals for the 2018 academic year?” It is a question one should think long and hard about. There should be many important answers. Especially if you are going into your junior or senior year. Some of the questions one should be asking themselves before giving an answer are: Do I want to be a collegiate athlete? If the answer is yes, then the next question should be, Am I on schedule to fulfill all the academic requirements to be a collegiate athlete by the time I graduate?  And if I’m not, what do I need to do so that I am? How hard do I want to work to make this happen at a realistic school of my choice. By realistic, I am talking about a school that one has the athletic and academic ability to get into.

To all the student athletes and parents reading this blog. Hear me loud and clear. Please make your academic goals just as important if not more important than the athletic ones. With a college degree I can guarantee that you will have more control over your future. So strive to bring up your GPA. Take those free online practice tests to get a higher score on the ACT’s and SAT’s. I understand everyone is not an excellent student, but everyone can work harder and try to improve.

The athletic goals: Hopefully your goals are team oriented first if you are a member of a team sport. Remember college coaches and scouts notice the winning programs first. Then they look to see what athletes are contributing to this program to make it so successful. So be the leader on your team. Encourage your teammates when they are down. Be that positive vocal and quiet inspiration. Lead by example. Be that player your coach can count on when things are going great to keep everyone humble and to inspire when things get tough.

Now, what are those individual goals that every athlete should have? Depending on the sport you play, those goals will be different. However, the one goal that should be common amongst all athletes is that I want to perform better than last season.  Strive to make your all conference team, all county team or all state team.

I am fully aware of the politics of sports and there are many factors to being voted on these teams that are not totally based on one’s performance. But that should not stop you from making them your goals.

Student athletes and their parents should work together to achieve these goals.

Schedule when and where you will be taking ACT and SAT tests. Get your highlight reel completed and ready to share with college coaches and scouts. Make sure your transcripts are in order. Research the colleges that offer the career you’re interested in pursuing. Schedule visits to those schools.

I’m sure there are things that I didn’t discuss here. But I feel that these are the important ones that should not be ignored!