Show them all you've got.

Several years ago I was looking into getting a highlight reel produced to help my daughter pursue her dreams of playing sports at the collegiate level. Much to my surprise, there wasn't much out there — the average student athlete's highlight reel was short on excitement and enthusiasm. Dull and boring was what my daughter and I took away.

After being recruited for football and participating in track & field at Rutgers University, I used my sports experience to pursue a career in broadcast film production. I have been producing and editing commercials and videos promoting college and professional sports for the past 25 years. I have worked for virtually all of the professional leagues as well as completed promos for sports shows internationally.

I realized my daughter deserved the kind of reel I produce every day. So I put together a great reel to showcase her talents. But unfortunately due to two consecutive devastating knee injuries her sports career ended abruptly.

I launched The Highlight Reel Productions to use my experience and creative talents to produce and edit highlight reels for high school and college athletes who are pursuing the opportunity to play at their next level of competition.

It's your chance to show them all you've got. Coaches. Scouts. Recruiters. Fans. Everyone you need to impress.