The Highlight Reel Productions can produce this type of commercial for your training facility. We will capture or use stock footage and edit a dynamic commercial showcasing your trainers working with clients helping them reach their fitness goals.

Red Dragon Martial Arts Commercial

The Highlight Reel Productions produced this commercial for Red Dragon Martial Arts. We filmed on location for several days. The video provides a cool design with a unique look to promote the many great martial arts training classes that Red Dragon offers.

Women’s Self Defense Seminar New

This is a sample of how The Highlight Reel Productions can help athletic training facilities market their services. We shot on location for one day to produce this :60 spot promoting a women’s self-defense seminar that was held by Master Pagano. He used this promo to promote his Women’s Self Defense community outreach program.
We shot several tactics that women can use to defend themselves in different situations. In post production we used a rhythmic percussion heavy music track to pace and drive the editorial process of the promo. We chose a sepia color palette for a unique look and used motion graphics to design a hi-tech style end page.

Samples of Training Seminar Videos

MMA Training Seminar

Promote Other Services Offered

Michaela Moseley Yoga

Provide Videotaping Services for Games or Tournaments

Instructional Videos


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Facilities Promotions

Do you represent an athletic training, work out facility, or a sports complex? Do you host college showcases in various sports? How about holding combines or large tournaments where college or pro coaches and scouts attend? Wouldn’t it be great to advertise these events with dynamic videos on your website as well as use these events as short marketing videos that people can view when visiting your site?

The Highlight Reel Productions can produce all the video content you need to let the public and potential sports organizations know all the great accommodations that your facility has to offer. Because your facility is a potential training destination for athletes, we can produce videos that will allow them to see the different types of training programs available and why they should choose your facility over all the rest.

The Highlight Reel Productions will design a complete package that will incorporate your logo and branding. We deliver dynamic video to distinguish your website from your competitors. We shoot and edit your content in 1920 x 1080 high definition. We can also accommodate request to shoot and edit in 4K.

Give us a call today to see how we can make your sports complex the preferable choice for athletes, coaches, schools and organizations alike.