The Highlight Reel Productions On Location Filming Your Games & Tournaments

The Highlight Reel Productions can send a crew to your high school to film your games. In addition to supplying you with game film, we can use the footage to create engaging highlight reels for your players to attract college coaches, or if you are a sports complex we can send a crew to your location to film your tournaments. The footage can be edited to create promotional videos to help your organization promote tournaments you will be hosting in the future.

Urban Youth Inc. Charles Smith Memorial Basketball Tournament Open

We incorporated footage we filmed of games and motion graphics of basketball terminologies to create this open for Urban Youth Inc. A Youth basketball organization out of Wilmington Delaware. We use this uniquely designed open for all the different videos we have produced for Urban Youth Inc.

Urban Youth Inc. Basketball Fall League Highlight Video

Highlight Reel Productions videotaped the basketball games weekly which featured some of the top high school basketball players in the country. We produced a weekly video of the top ten plays from the week. And this is the highlights from the entire season.

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