How we get the most out of your on-screen performance. To see more of our work please visit our Vimeo page.

Water Tower Cinema New Promotional Video

We're so honored to produce, direct, and edit the promotional video for our very own locally owned movie theater, Water Tower Cinema! They are truly a staple in our community. The video will play before each movie.

Michaela Moseley Promotional Video for Zoom Yoga

The Highlight Reel Productions edited this promotional video for this weekly yoga zoom event held by Michaela Moseley. We update the video as new classes are added as the schedules change. The photographs and video in this promotional video are from a yoga event we covered on location for Michaela in Charlotte NC.

The Highlight Reel Productions On Location Filming Your Games & Tournaments

The Highlight Reel Productions can send a crew to your high school to film your games. In addition to supplying you with game film, we can use the footage to create engaging highlight reels for your players to attract college coaches, or if you are a sports complex we can send a crew to your location to film your tournaments. The footage can be edited to create promotional videos to help your organization promote tournaments you will be hosting in the future.

STAMP CAMP Highlight Promo

The highlight Reel Productions was on location at East Stroudsburg University to film this high school football camp, STAMP CAMP that was held by well known trainer and recruiting expert Coach Jay Wheelz. We produced this video highlighting the camp with some of the top high school football players in the surrounding area.

Red Dragon Martial Arts Black Belt and Master Test Promo

The Highlight Reel Productions produced, filmed and edited this promotional video for Red Dragon Martial Arts highlighting their Black Belt and Master testing event. We used dynamic motion graphics to highlight our quotes of text. We also introduced lighting effects to add another dimension to the video.

Promotion for a Fitness Class

This is a sample of how The Highlight Reel Productions has helped Athletic Training Facilities market their services. We shot on location for 1 day to produce this web promotion for Master Pagano’s Family Fitness classes that are offered at Red Dragon Martial Arts. In the post production process we gave the promotion a unique 3 dimensional design. We used motion graphics and lens flares to highlight the text throughout the spot.

Whitney Young Photo Montage

The Highlight Reel Productions created this photo montage for the Whitney Young High School’s unprecedented, undefeated championship football team as part of a presentation for the end of the year banquet. The photos were supplied to us by Whitney Young and we used different design styles, editing techniques, and music to bring the photos to life.

Heaven’s Law Firm - Vehicle Crashes TV Commercial

The Highlight Reel Productions produced and edited as part of a television campaign, this tv commercial for Heavens Law Firm. It is currently running in the West Virginia markets. Heavens Law Firm wanted a commercial that would reach people’s emotions to separate itself from the typical personal injury commercials seen on television. We used a combination of stock footage and sound design for dramatic effect.