Addie Meyers — High School Soccer Player and Client, Florida

I highly recommend Walker Moseley of The Highlight Reel Productions for producing sports highlight reels! Walker has been producing athletic highlight reels for me for 4 years. His videos are of exceptional quality, meticulously edited, and new footage was incorporated into my reel very quickly. Walker’s years of professional experience show in his selection of graphics combined with upbeat music and great highlights of my best game plays. These videos helped me get noticed by college coaches, and I was eventually recruited and I am now playing for Flagler University a top D2 team. I have been proud to share my highlight reel link, and want to thank Walker for assembling an outstanding product at a reasonable price.

Wesley Mallette — Father of Houston Mallette (now a guard on Pepperdine’s Men’s Basketball team)

Our family is incredibly grateful to Walker Moseley and The Highlight Reel Productions for the amazing work they did producing my son’s high school highlight reel. Having a highlight reel that showcased his talent, abilities and leadership on the court throughout his high school years was critically important as he went through the recruiting process. More importantly, it helped in shaping the narrative around who he is and the high ceiling he has as a basketball student-athlete.
Showcasing your student-athlete’s abilities on video is very important when it comes to recruiting and The Highlight Reel Productions does an amazing job telling the story that helps best represent who they are and what they can do in their respective sport.

Jackson Goldberg — High School Soccer Player and Client, Ohio

Throughout my high school soccer career, I have a lot of up and down moments. At the end of each year, I wanted to show off the critical moments of my season. I connected with Walker Moseley, the Owner and CEO of The Highlight Reel Productions. From the beginning, Mr. Moseley connected with me via phone call to fully understand what I was looking for in my highlight reel. He was very understanding when it comes to the final price of the reel. After getting all of my film to him, he started creating the reel, and two weeks later, I received the product for my revisions. He understood my modifications, and he gave his opinions, and we worked together, making it the perfect reel. The following year I came to him to add highlights to the video from my next year. My experience with Mr. Moseley and The Highlight Reel Productions has been a very good one, and I would recommend everyone go to him.

Todd Stockard — Parent of Whitney Young High School Football Player

I’ve used Walker and The Highlight Reel Productions to help with my son’s football highlight reel the past two seasons. His responsiveness, flexibility, and creativity exceeded all expectations. His finished product not only demonstrated my son’s athletic performance, but also highlighted his academic and civic performance as well. College coaches have commented on the professionalism of the production and what a great job we did capturing a full picture of our son. I would highly recommend Highlight Reel Productions to any family considering college athletics or wanting a keepsake documenting their high school experience.

Danny Finger — Head Coach of Whitney Young High School Football Team

The Highlights Reels Production staff provided exceptional game film for each of our games this season. The film was ready the night of the game and available for download in a format that allowed us to be flexible with it, sharing it through both Hudl and Google Drive. The film was excellent quality and allowed us to use it as part of our self scouting process. We were also able to use the film to create highlight films for our student-athletes, showcasing their abilities with great clarity and focus.

Thomas Haile — Sports Agent, Sports Management Worldwide

I have two clients that are football players; Leon Jackson and Malik Thompson, that needed highlight reels to send to teams and scouts. Both players had recently participated in the All American Bowl Game in Dallas, Texas at AT&T Stadium. The host of the game provided footage of the game and I filmed the practices. I gave this footage along with game footage of Leon playing for the University of Delaware, to Walker Moseley of The Highlight Reel Productions. He created amazing highlight reels for both of my players.

Because Walker did such a good job with the highlight reels from the All American Bowl game we brought him another project. I needed a highlight reel made from the footage I took of Leon participating in a combine held by the Canadian Football League. And again he delivered an amazing highlight reel that showcased the workout and testing times at the different stations. I used these highlight reels to promote my players. Leon Jackson has since landed a roster spot on the Spokane Empire of the Indoor Football League.

David Lorry — Parent

Walker blends his professional experience with a highly attentive personal touch to prepare an athlete’s highlight reel. Drawing on his breadth of experience as an athlete, coach and professional sports video editor, Walker has an excellent eye for the game. His knowledge and understanding of sports allows him to anticipate and maintain focus on the action, the featured player and to capture full sequences highlighting the player’s impact on the entire play.

Walker uses only the highest quality high-definition cameras and editing equipment and distinguishes himself by converting the raw game footage into a condensed highlight reel. He engaged us in editing the video, sitting with us for several hours, reviewing the action frame-by-frame. We were very pleased with the customized, finished product that highlighted the full range of our son’s skills in a variety of game situations.

Giuseppe Pagano — Owner & Master Instructor, Master Pagano's Red Dragon Martial Arts LLC.

The Highlight Reel Productions provide a unique, high quality, one of a kind product that is not only fun to watch but can also help attract new customers. I have been working with The Highlight Reel Productions for a few years now and my martial arts students love the videos he puts together. Because of the curriculum videos, my students can practice karate at home and help prepare for belt tests and tournaments. I've found that this helps greatly with retention and keeps my students happy.

Most importantly, after uploading his videos to my main website I had customers call and come in to take classes. When they Googled martial arts schools in their area my business appears, along with others. After asking new clients why they chose my school, the thing that set my online presence apart from the rest was the high quality commercial that The Highlight Reel Productions made for me. It helped send a message to new clients that text alone couldn't do.

Walker Moseley is a perfectionist and that is very apparent in his work. He will never send you something that isn't up to his very high standards. I highly recommend The Highlight Reel Productions to anyone looking to help grow their business!